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Merry Christmas 2007

004ben-and-kami-finalTHIS YEAR

We experienced life with six! We still live in our house on the corner in Kirkland. This year we met our neighbors and hosted our first annual neighborhood BBQ. This summer we went to Lakeside Bible Camp on Whidbey Island for a week. Ben and Kami both went to this camp when they were kids so it was strange going with their kids. In September we drove across the country in an RV stopping in Yellowstone and in Denver to visit Ben’s friend from high school, Travis. Starting in September we lived in Kentucky for almost 3 months. As you can imagine, relocating your family across the country for three months is no easy task but it was a great experience for all of us. While over there we stayed with our friends the Lutkinhoffs, who also have 2 kids. This was only slightly more chaotic than we were used too. We also went though a 9 week discipleship program called “The Story Formed Life” with, Kami’s brother, Jeremy’s church. Kami was able to spend time with her family and Ben was able to get some work done. One of the highlights was a 10 day trip to Europe without kids. While in Europe we went to our friend Berni’s wedding, went to Venice, and Florence. This was all pretty boring, though, compared to hanging out with Berni and his family in the Austrian countryside.


BEN: Got an iphone. He is still enjoying being self-employed. This year he worked on his property investment company, running the blackjack team and a couple of offshoot projects which include a film documentary project and an instructional website. He still plays racquetball regularly with his dad and also enjoys climbing 3 days a week with his kids. This last year he climbed Mount Rainier twice with Eric, who he stayed with in KY, and his brother Justin. He also did the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride in one day in August. He will never do it again in one day.

KAMI: Really enjoyed the time she spent with her family in KY. She has recently been studying different curriculum methods for homeschooling. This year she learned how to play racquetball with Ben and they played almost every week on their “date night”.  She is keeping pretty busy feeding, clothing, disciplining and enjoying the 4 hyperactive bodies that are always trying to take over her life. Kami was not able to take as many naps as she would have liked in 2007.


DOVE: Is 6. When in KY she took ballet lessons with her Aunt Keri while in KY. She will be homeschooling for her first grade year and just started taking swim lessons again.  She does a great job helping out around the house and woke her mother up the other day announcing that she had poured cereal for her brother and sisters, taking care of breakfast (she used heavy whipping cream instead of milk).

EDEN: Is in preschool and enjoys crafts and snack time. The craft part we kind of made up because all she really talks about is the snack time. She also enjoyed the ballet lessons with her aunt and just got her first pretend laptop which she spends as much time as possible on. She just turned 5.
MEMORY: Turned one this year. She likes to smile and crawl around the house. Her favorite thing is to take the magnets off of the fridge. She learned hot to go up and down stairs in KY. She took her first steps on Thanksgiving Day. We think she knows how to identify her nose but she’s not quite 100% on that


The Future
We are pretty excited about this year. We spent quite a bit of time thinking though our family’s vision and how to create a rhythm that reflects our values of loving God and people. Our goal is that this will be reflected in our daily, weekly, monthly, and annual life to serve as constant reminders of who we are and what we are about as a family with a mission. We look forward to updating our website monthly so check in to see what’s going on for 2008!


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