the Portland Experiment

portland3This last week our family moved to Portland for at least 2 months. We may stay here longer but that it up in the air. As of now, we are living with a family of 4 that we came to support with discipleship related goals. In one sense, this whole trip is an experiment to determine if our family can travel with more of a nomadic lifestyle and still maintain a healthy rhythm, identity, and achieve our goals as a family.

Here are some of our small picture goals while in Portland (kind of just a to-do list):

  • Go to Saturday Market
  • Go to Powells (the largest bookstore in the world)
  • Go to Multnomah Falls
  • Ride a bike everywhere under 5 miles (Ben)
  • Take the kids to Multnomah University and show them where Kami and I fell in love
  • Take the the kids on the MAX (Portland’s light rail)
  • Spend one night a week on active and deliberate discipleship with Host family
  • Meet with Adam and Nate for 1 hour a week to discuss life and family
  • home school the girls for 3 hrs. Mon-Fri (Kami)
  • Take one of the girls with me to work (coffee shop) each day to teach them and have them interact with me on my schedule 5 days a week (Ben)
  • Facilitate 2-3 Family Team discussions
  • Write 3 e-books (Including the story of our Wonderland Trail Adventure) (Ben)
  • Get a tattoo, it’s just that time (Ben…and I think maybe Kami?)
  • Better understand our ability to travel and live in temporary places as a family and use this experiment to plan our next 3 months.

If you can think of an awesome food spot that we have to  eat at while in Portland Post it as a comment! If we visit it twice we will buy your meal the second time!

Can YOU think of anything else we should add?



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7 responses to “the Portland Experiment

  1. Craig

    I love the sheer madness of it all. Way to rock your boat.

  2. Matt

    Horsebrass Pub – must try the Scotch Egg

    And this dessert place on 23rd.

  3. Shellie Crook

    You guys are way too cool and amazing!

  4. I lived in the Portland area for a time while growing up. Lake Oswego, to be specific. When I was a little girl, OMSI was pretty cool and so was the Washington Park Zoo. They might be neat places to visit.
    I’m curious to know why you are curious to know about your family’s “ability to travel and live in temporary places as a family”.
    As a person who tends to thrive on the self-made structure of my days (and flounder around in the absence of said structure), I would find the nomadic lifestyle with 5 kids a challenge. Not a challenge I would like to choose. I’m guessing that in my own self, it would flesh out some sin issues pretty quick.

  5. Kami

    Hey Rebecca-
    I’m glad you asked. It has been a crazy adventure following God to Portland. We don’t know what the future is going to hold for us. However, right now we definitely feel called to a more nomadic lifestyle. And I think what Ben and I want to be constantly evaluating is how us as a family will do in that type of lifestyle. So far it’s been good. Crazy but good. It took some adjustment but I felt by week 2 we had a daily rhythm down that we felt really good about. So I feel that even though we are in a different environment with a lot of changes it is possible to still have a structure in place. In fact its probably even more important. I find that when I’m in a more easily stressed environment I need that structure to deal with all that change and make sure I’m meeting my goals. Hopefully this answers your question somewhat.

  6. Angela Crawford

    I would highly recommend going to Mt Angel Abbey (just outside of Portland), you can take a tour and if you need a little meditation time they have a place to stay, with out any outside distractions. This is where monks live and carry on their spiritual lives, they also have certain items they make by hand and sell,very iteresting and worth the time to see.

  7. Jennifer Nunn

    My hubby and I watched your doc last night– and found his new vocation ; jk, maybe not. Anyways, I was super excited to find your blog today- just googled to see what ya’ll were up to. Have been reading bits today, then found this one. I gotta say, it is so incredibly exciting and refreshing to find others so much like us- yet even more so, if that makes sense. Pushing so many bounderies of “normalicy”– yet, your the ones living so true to yourselves and what really matters. We are from Mi- lived in Missoula going to school and having babies for 6 years, now weve been down in Asheville NC- yearing for the next step/adventure, but trying to follow the Lords lead and not our crazy impulses. (or are they?) Anyways, I don’t even know if this blog is really active and if you guys will get this- but just wanted to give a shout out since I”m begining to feel like I’m stalking 😉 The hubbs is super flu-ey tonight, but I’m going to get him reading too, I’ve been praying for some insight!!! jen

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