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the Portland Experiment

portland3This last week our family moved to Portland for at least 2 months. We may stay here longer but that it up in the air. As of now, we are living with a family of 4 that we came to support with discipleship related goals. In one sense, this whole trip is an experiment to determine if our family can travel with more of a nomadic lifestyle and still maintain a healthy rhythm, identity, and achieve our goals as a family.

Here are some of our small picture goals while in Portland (kind of just a to-do list):

  • Go to Saturday Market
  • Go to Powells (the largest bookstore in the world)
  • Go to Multnomah Falls
  • Ride a bike everywhere under 5 miles (Ben)
  • Take the kids to Multnomah University and show them where Kami and I fell in love
  • Take the the kids on the MAX (Portland’s light rail)
  • Spend one night a week on active and deliberate discipleship with Host family
  • Meet with Adam and Nate for 1 hour a week to discuss life and family
  • home school the girls for 3 hrs. Mon-Fri (Kami)
  • Take one of the girls with me to work (coffee shop) each day to teach them and have them interact with me on my schedule 5 days a week (Ben)
  • Facilitate 2-3 Family Team discussions
  • Write 3 e-books (Including the story of our Wonderland Trail Adventure) (Ben)
  • Get a tattoo, it’s just that time (Ben…and I think maybe Kami?)
  • Better understand our ability to travel and live in temporary places as a family and use this experiment to plan our next 3 months.

If you can think of an awesome food spot that we have to  eat at while in Portland Post it as a comment! If we visit it twice we will buy your meal the second time!

Can YOU think of anything else we should add?



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