Wonderland Slideshow – Our 93 mile journey around Mount Rainier with 4 kids

Actually, it may be better if you put these videos in the “documentary” category because all totaled, they are more than an hour long. If you don’t have the time to watch them all, I would encourage you to watch the first one and the last two. In one sense it’s a shame to even put these pictures and videos online because they don’t seem to do justice to the images and emotions that we experienced on the mountain but hopefully they give you a little bit of a feel for what we experienced.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting some thoughts and specifics on this trip over at bencrawfordlife.com



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5 responses to “Wonderland Slideshow – Our 93 mile journey around Mount Rainier with 4 kids

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Crawfords!

    Just finished watching probably all but 2 of these slides. Loved hearing about the ups and downs of this trip. I can relate a bit to the elation of finishing such an endeavour as I’ve done a fair bit of hiking. I can only imagine how much more elated I would have felt having just finished, as you guys did as a whole family. Thanks for sharing all of this!!

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  4. Elizabeth R.

    What a fantastic trip! I’m halfway through the videos and am so encouraged to continue hiking with my husband and 2 1/2 year old boy. We’re planning our first backpacking trip with him and I wondered if you might be able to provide me with more information on your gear…tent, backpacks, things specific to little Memory that might help with my own toddler… Can’t wait to hear from you!

    -Elizabeth R.

  5. Katie

    Hi. Stumbled on your post searching for advice on long distance hiking w a toddler. My husband and I are first time parents to a 14 month baby girl but long time hikers and campers. We live in northern VA and are hoping to hike through Shanendoah Park along the Appalachian Trail sometime in the next year. I’m hoping you can send advice on how to prepare. She can walk but I imagine we will have to be carrying her for some stints. How do we go about carrying a toddler and a hiking pack? What foods to bring for a toddler? What challenges to prepare for? The hike is 101 miles but we are prepared to do less for her sake. Any advice you can share is greatly appreciated. Your family is one to be admired! Thanks in advance

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